Kristina Rae Smith

In Loving Memory of Kristina Rae Smith (9/28/81 – 9/3/11)

Kristina Rae’s…An All-American Grill is named after my niece, Kristina Rae Smith. She was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2005. In the past several months, Kristina had expressed a desire to work with me in the Business Enterprise Program. Sadly, she succumbed to the disease and was never able to work with me. As a family, we thought it only befitting that we name the Cafeteria after her.

Kristina’s husband, Jake, is raising their three boys; Tatum, Jaden and Jacob. You will see their names appear in our menus as we incorporate them into their Mother’s namesake. We will always strive to do the best we can for our customers and are always aware that we are truly operating in a labor of love.

We look forward to seeing you.